The season finale of ABC’s hit comedy series “Modern Family” has arrived. Episode 24 is titled “American Skyper” and it closes out the sixth season of the series which is gunning for a sixth consecutive Emmy Award for “Best Comedy Series.” Here’s what to expect in the final episode: [Warning: Spoiler Alert]

As the title suggests, the episode will involve Skype. Phil Dunphy will be on the other side of the computer screen as he finds himself stuck in Seattle on a business trip. According to the episode synopsis shared by ABC, Phil is away while the rest of the family gather in Jay and Gloria’s house to celebrate Alex’s graduation. Refusing to be absent, Phil has found a way to attend via Skype and a robotic vessel.

Alex is finally graduating high school and she’s one of the two valedictorians of her class. Always the overachiever, Alex is used to receiving awards and accolades. This puts some pressure on Claire, who is stressed out about finding the perfect graduation gift for her daughter.

Meanwhile, party host Jay is stressed out because of Gloria’s cousin. He graciously welcomed Gloria’s cousin into his home but he now feels that the welcome has been worn out.

While everyone is celebrating with Alex, her uncle Mitch is in a different mood.  He’s been laid off work and he’s hiding the news from his husband Cam.

There is more tension in the Delgado-Pritchett house when Andy’s girlfriend Beth shows up. Haley and Andy have become very close in the past few seasons and Haley has always thought that Andy deserves a better relationship than the one he’s getting with Beth. She even thought she didn’t exist at one point because she was never around.

The synopsis states that Beth’s presence causes tension and leads Haley to a realization, one that arrives too late. She and Andy have been dancing around the possibility of getting together but things never seem to align for them. It remains to be seen how things will play out this time.

The sixth season of the series has dealt with a lot of gadgets and modern technology and has been reflecting the developments in contemporary American life. Earlier this season, one episode was shown entirely from a computer screen. Claire Dunphy communicated with the entire family online when she was in Chicago. The season finale deals with more online communication with Phil appearing on Skype. According to ABC, Gloria had to deal with a peeping Tom from the neighborhood who was spying on her through a remote-controlled drone.

The series has been evolving with the times over the years. It remains to be seen if they have done enough to stay relevant and to clinch a record-breaking sixth consecutive Emmy Award.  

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