In this week’s episode of the ABC comedy “Modern Family,” Everyone shows off their looney side in an episode titled “She Crazy.” Phil Dunphy is determined to hatch and raise some duck eggs that he found in the previous episode. Meanwhile Gloria Pritchett and Manny Delgado deal with some confidence issues. Elsewhere, Mitch is trying to deal with Cam and his newfound frat boy friends.

Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) is being his usual optimistic and quirky self. He found some duck eggs at a property he was selling a month ago, and he has dedicated his time into trying to hatch the eggs and preparing their little duck village.

As usual, the rest of the Dunphy family are not so enthusiastic about Phil’s little project. Everyone dodges Phil, but Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) sees it as a way to keep his daughter busy. Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) isn’t too keen on helping Phil out but she is left with no choice.

She thinks Phil’s attempts to hatch the eggs are crazy, and his efforts to build an elaborate duck village are even crazier. However, when Phil tells her about how he found the abandoned eggs and rescued them, She starts to think of her own situation. She was an orphan who was adopted by Mitch and Cam (Eric Stonestreet). She then starts to get on the same page as Phil and genuinely starts to help him out.

While they are out shopping for supplies for the village, Claire (Julie Bowen) arrives home. She is exhausted from a day of embarrassment at work. She has been trying to pitch new closet design ideas for her father’s closet company, but she has been failing miserably.

Phil calls her and asks her to check on the eggs but she isn’t willing to cooperate. Things change when the shells suddenly crack and three ducklings come out. Claire witnesses the oment alone, and admits they are cute. She is also forced to see that being an optimist like Phil, often works out in the end. Unfortunately for Phil, the duckling imprint on Claire and start following her around instead of him. 

Over at the Tucker-Pritchett household, Cam has formed a strange bond with some frat boys who are renting the upstairs apartment. Mitch is completely annoyed by the juvenile behavior that Cam is engaging in with his new buddies.

When Cam goes overboard by staging a stupid college prank, Mitch speaks to him and tells him that he doesn’t need to dress up as a pizza boy to impress people. Cam admits his insecurities but Mitch assures him that he’s already likable enough as it is. Cam finally comes around and decides to stop acting like a crazy college student.

Meanwhile, Manny (Rico Rodriguez) opens up to Gloria (Sofia Vergara) about his new crush. He likes Chelsea, the barista at the local coffee shop. Gloria encourages him to talk to her but Manny always freezes up in front of her.

Gloria tries to teach Manny about confidence when she tries to meet her favorite telenovela star, Mariela Morales. Morales is coming to town and Gloria has already stalked her and researched her itinerary. She vows to "accidentally" run into her and she is positive that they will hit it off and become friends. When she finally encounters Morales, she completely loses her composure and acts like a complete weirdo.

The actress gets freaked out and walks away. Manny witnesses the whole thing and sees that even someone as confident as Gloria can lose their cool. She is embarrassed but uses it as a way to teach Manny that she’s only human and so is Chelsea. This gives Manny enough courage to call and ask her out. Luckily, she says yes, and it’s another parenting victory for Gloria.

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