A mom who had just given birth to her third child was killed in a hospital elevator in Spain. An elevator reportedly crushed the woman between floors as she was being wheeled out.

Rocío Cortés Nunez, 26, had just undergone a Caesarian section Sunday in Seville's Our Lady of Valme hospital when the incident occurred, The Local Es reported Monday.

Nunez was reportedly being transported to the maternity ward when the incident occurred. A hospital worker wheeled Nunez into an elevator, and it ascended from the second floor to the third floor before malfunctioning.

A hospital worker reportedly attempted to move Nunez from the broken elevator as the doors opened, but the elevator began to rise, leaving part of her body outside the doors. The elevator moved upward before the hospital worker could maneuver Nunez out of the way.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and attempted to free Nunez from the elevator. It reportedly took about two hours for officials to remove her body from the elevator.

Nunez is survived by three children ages four and five as well as her newborn. Her brother-in-law David Gaspar said the family wanted to know why the incident occurred. He added that the incident was hard to comprehend.

"It’s incredible. We still can’t believe what’s happened," he told Spanish news outlet El Mundo. "Something has to happen. This cannot go unpunished."

"This cannot end like this," he added. "This time it has been Rocio but tomorrow it could be another person. I’m a total wreck."

Nunez's mother, who refused to give her name, said: "My heart missed a beat. I asked after my daughter but no-one was telling me anything."

"She had given birth at 11 in the morning so I went to the information desk," she added. "They told me there a young girl had died and then confirmed it was my daughter. What a cruel death she’s suffered."

Authorities reportedly launched an investigation into the incident but cited that workers serviced the elevator August 12.

Marina Alvarez, the regional health minister spoke during a press conference at the hospital, called the incident "unusual and tragic." She said that the hospital met with the company that serviced the elevator as part of the investigation.