The Egyptian Army has cleared protesters out of Tahrir Square in Cairo after having arrested 100 men carrying knives and other weapons who were planning to attack anti-government demonstrators.

Earlier in the day, about two dozen people were wounded in the Square after being attacked by a few hundred men, according to various media reports. Other protesters claimed Molotov cocktails were thrown at them.

Hundreds of men carrying knives and swords entered Tahrir, Egypt's state TV reportedly stated.

A group of gangsters attacked us with stones, they seemed to be wanting us to leave the square, a pro-democracy protesters Reuters.

However, according to German Press Agency dpa, no one was seriously injured in the clashes.
 Witnesses told dpa that the men who attacked protesters were most likely either members of Egypt’s state security or thugs paid by the government.

Nonetheless, protesters say they are committed to camping out in Tahrir Square (the symbolic heart of the anti-Mubarak protests from last month) in order to demand the elimination of the State Security Investigations Services –Egypt’s notorious secret police -- and to maintain pressure on the army, which now controls of the country.

They are also demanding the end of more than 30 years of emergency rule and a trial for Hosni Mubarak.