Cyber Monday shoppers are going mobile.

John Squire, chief strategy officer at IBM Coremetrics, which tracks online sales, said  online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday via mobile devices also made a significant jump from last year. Squire said last year shopping via mobile devices did not even register one percent of the web retailers' intake, this year it was nearly four percent.

That's 40-60 percent fold increase in the amount of people using mobile devices to shop online, he said.

The jump reflects the explosion in smartphone sales and the associated shopping apps offered by retailers such as Amazon. Many popular online sites are optimizing for devices such as the iPhone.

Cyber Monday remains web shoppers - and retailers' - favorite day. Online sales from Cyber Monday surpassed online sales from Black Friday by 31.1 percent. Cyber Monday was also the biggest selling day on the internet for the second straight year.

All told, Squire said web sales on Cyber Monday were up 20 percent from last year. Last year it was the biggest selling day of the year on the internet and surpassed sales from Black Friday online by 25 percent.

Consumers this year appear much more willing to open their wallets and are turning to online stores for the convenience of shopping wherever and whenever they like, but also as their primary source of information about products and inventory levels. Retailers have done an exceptional job across the board of appealing to consumers with highly personalized promotions and a slew of free shipping promotions, Squire said.

Coremetrics tracks data from its clients and uses its cloud-based analytics software system to figure how their web retailing segment has performed throughout the year. The system is able to track individual days and compare the two, which is how it was able to differentiate Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Squire said the company tracks every client the same and is able to compare across different segments such as jewelry and apparel.

Data from IBM's Global Business Services division also found sales from consumer electronics will increase 3.5 percent compared to last year. This is in large part to the increased amount of disposable income, which rose from two percent in 2007 to six percent this year.