Classic fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat is making its way to PlayStation's new portable device. Warner Bros. confirmed that the game will be available on the PS Vita beginning on May 1st in North American and May 4th in Europe, according to GameInformer.

The game is said to utilize the device's touch screen features, especially with the additions of new mini-games. One of the most anticipated characteristics is the integration of finger-swiping fatalities, adding a new dimension to the fighting franchise.

Based on the reboot that was launched for consoles last spring, the portable version will contain an all-new Challenge Tower mode, according to EuroGamer. This features missions exclusive to the Vita release, with 150 to choose from. Although there is no crossover with the PS3 version, players will be able to access the DLC characters from the original release.

For those wishing to get a preview, check out the trailer below.