A survey conducted by Nielsen and their partner E-Poll Market Research to find out which athletes America loves to hate the most put Michael Vick and Tiger Woods at the top of the list this year. Both players are equally disliked by 60 percent of the Americans who participated in the poll.

Player named on the list were those that scored the most responses from people describing them as athletes they 'dislike', 'dislike somewhat' or 'dislike a lot.'

Vick continues to be hated by casual football fans who won't forgive him for dog fighting, despite the fact that diehard football fans have moved on, while Woods is still being faulted for his marital indiscretions.

Vick's high awareness number of 42 percent (at least ten percent of those polled need to know the athlete for them to make it onto the list) means he is very well known, explained Stephen Master, VP of Nielsen Sports: His awareness is up there with Peyton Manning, but a lot of it is people knowing him for the wrong reasons, he said.

Team owners are included in the polling, but none made the cut this year.

Newly ranked players on the list include Plaxico Burress, who was in prison for illegal gun possession, and Kris Humphries, for his short-lived marriage to Kim Kardashian on reality TV. Notable players who didn't make the top five include Lebron James at 48 percent dislike, Kobe Bryant at 45 percent, Alex Rodriguez at 44 percent, and temper-tantrum-prone NASCAR driver Kurt Busch at 42 percent.

Do you agree with the results? Is your most hated player missing from the list? And in the case of players like Michael Vick and Tiger Woods, do you believe that the athletes deserve our forgiveness after several years of public shaming?