“Mother, May I Sleep With Danger” premiered on Lifetime Saturday night — and it was amazing. While the 2016 remake couldn’t be any more different from the 1996 TV movie, the reimagining by James Franco was entertaining and full of juicy twists.

Check out the top moments from the movie:  

That Awkward Moment You Find Out Your Girlfriend Is A Vampire

“Do you love me?”

Poor Pearl (Emily Meade) has no idea that her sexy blonde girlfriend is asking a loaded question. She follows up by telling Pearl that she’s a “night walker,” AKA a vampire. And, of course, that’s not exactly something that Pearl is cool with. She tries to run away, but is attacked by the vampire, who promises an eternal bond. Pearl tries to fight her off, but is bit in the process. She stabs her girlfriend in the chest the first chance she gets, but by then it’s already too late.

“I never meant to hurt you,” the vampire says. “You’re a night walker now.”

Psycho Boyfriend Turned “Vampires & Sexuality” Teacher

Ivan Sergei may have been the bad boyfriend in the original movie, but now he’s just a professor teaching a class on “vampires & sexuality.” Someone has to have the job of relating teen sex to vampires!

Mother May I Sleep With Danger 1 Ivan Sergei, who starred in the original “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger” movie, returns as a college professor. Photo: Trae Patton/ Lifetime/ Sony Pictures

Getting Felt Up During Play Auditions Is One Way To Land The Role

James Franco’s unnamed character is in charge of the college’s theater program. They’re putting on “Macbeth,” and college student Leah (Leila George) is gunning for one of the leading roles. Her fellow classmate, Bob (Nick Eversman), desperately wants to land a role besides her. But what Bob doesn’t realize is that they’re both auditioning for the role of Macbeth. During the auditions James Franco watches in amusement as Leah reads lines that requires another actress to get a little handsy with her.

“Ladies,” James Franco says when she finishes her lines. “That was interesting. Two Lady Macbeth’s … I like it.”

Of course, Leah gets the role.

It May Be Better To Give Your Mom A Heads Up About Your New Girlfriend  

Julie (Tori Spelling) is excited when her daughter Leah asks to bring someone “special” home. She thinks that Leah’s bringing over Bob. So she’s definitely not anticipating Leah announcing that Pearl is her girlfriend. Poor Pearl is put in an awkward situation.

Bob’s A Big Tattletale

Bob’s devastated when he finds Leah locking lips with Pearl one night, but he’s not about to let his crush get away. He calls up Julie and warns her that Pearl is “bad news” and part of a “bad crowd.” Julie confronts Leah, but her daughter only gets defensive. However, Julie knows that something is off. She calls up the school photography professor and finds out that Pearl is not even a student at the college.

Vampires Only Kill Bad Guys

Vampires have to feed! Although Pearl doesn’t appear to really like her vampire friends, she does accompany them to a party to eat. They find a guy about to rape a drunk woman and attack him. One of them cuts open his wrist, while the others begin drinking his blood. They help the drunk woman out of the room before leaving the body for other partygoers to find.

Leah Finds Out About Pearl’s Secret

Despite Julie threatening to stop paying for school, Leah runs off to be with Pearl. She doesn’t believe her mother when she warns her that Pearl is dangerous. However, Pearl decides to let her in on her secret.

“I live off blood,” she says, telling Leah that she’s a night walker. “I kill people for that blood. I’m a vampire, like in the movies. I try to only go after abusive men, I try to make it OK.”

How is someone supposed to handle that information? Leah runs off, and Pearl allows her to.

A Change Of Heart

A lecture on the “bonds of women” allows Leah to really think about her relationship with Pearl. Although their conversation didn’t go well the night before, Leah decides to meet Pearl after “Macbeth” rehearsals.

Pearl tells Leah everything, including the “eternal bond.” When Leah hears that she can help Pearl’s suffering she asks her to turn her into a night walker as well. However, Pearl doesn’t want her love to suffer like her. The two don’t have time to argue about it because the other vampires show up. Leah manages to run away, but they warn Pearl that if she doesn’t turn her soon, then they will.

Bob’s Officially The Worst

It’s the night of a Halloween party and Bob is waiting for Leah. He sneakily puts something into her drink, and watches with anger as she makes her way over to Pearl. Chaos ensues when Pearl’s vampire buddies come for her, and Bob takes the opportunity to bring Leah outside. By this point the drugs are kicking in and Leah can barely stand. Bob tries to take advantage of her, and the vampires find him on top of Leah. They pull Leah off him and attack him, just as Julie realizes that her daughter has gone missing. The vampires run and leave Leah on the grass — however, Bob is gone.

Bob’s A New Monster

Leah wakes up the next day and tells her mom that she thinks Bob drugged her. Julie explains that no one has seen Bob since last night. She wants Leah to stay in and get her rest, but it’s the opening nigh of Macbeth and Leah refuses to sit it out.

She’s warming up with her other classmates when Bob shows up late. He’s acting strange and making Leah so uncomfortable that she actually fears for her life during their sword fight scene. Things take a turn when Bob starts making up his own lines.

“I always liked you Leah, but you had to make things so difficult,” he says to her. “We could have been together.”

Bob flashes his fangs and tells her that he’s going to turn her into a night walker, all while a packed audience is watching. Julie is horrified when Leah jumps off the stage and runs for the exit with Bob and the three female vampires behind her.

“Thanks for coming, everyone,” James Franco says, confused as to what happened. “That’s ‘Macbeth.’”

Nobody Messes With My Girlfriend

The vampires catch up with Leah at the cemetery. Things look grim for the college student when her mom shows up. Bob tackles Julie, allowing the other vampires to circle Leah. They’re about to bite her when Pearl arrives and begins to fight them off. She knocks one girl out, rips out the throat of another and plunges her thumbs into another one’s eye sockets. With the vampires distracted, Leah rushes to help her mom. Unfortunately, Bob is too strong for her to pull him off. She’s forced to pick up a stone statue and beat him in the face until he releases her mom. But by then it’s too late.

There is nothing else they can do for Julie, so Pearl forces her to flee. She promises Leah that she can still protect her, but Leah tells her that the only way she can do that now is to turn her into a vampire. Pearl agrees and bites her girlfriend, holding her while she suffers through the turn.

One Year Later

“Mother, May I Sleep With Danger” concludes with a one year time jump. Viewers don’t know what happened to Leah and Pearl, but the other vampires — although disfigured from their fight — are still preying on local college kids.