The mother of an amateur MMA fighter stormed the octagon to protect her fallen son after he was brutally knocked out during a match.

The incident occurred during OFC 20: March Massacre II, an event for Ohio Fighting Championship, For The Win reports via Bluegrass MMA. Amateur fighter Joe Fisher was scheduled to fight Caleb Frasher in the event’s third fight.

But the bout never made it out of the first round. Just 36 seconds after the opening bell, Frasher trapped Fisher in a rear-naked choke hold, rendering the young man unconscious. Frasher was awarded an immediate knockout victory.

The sight of her unconscious son was too much for Fisher’s mother, who scaled the 9-foot fence surrounding the ring and rushed to his side. OFC referee Mark Matheny attempted to restrain the woman, who remained intent on taking care of Fisher. Ultimately, police had to remove the MMA fighter’s mother from the ring so that medics could attend to his needs.

Still, the frightening scene had a happy ending; Fisher was able to stand up under his own power, drawing applause from both the crowd and his victorious opponent. It took a few minutes for Fisher to regain his bearings, but he was able to stand in the center of the ring for the official announcement of Frasher’s victory.

A video of the match can be viewed below.