Mother's Day 2012 is just around the corner, but its not too late to buy an unforgettable tech gift that will keep your mom engaged throughout the year.

National surveys have shown that almost half of mothers in the nation are unhappy with clichéd flowers and chocolate gifts they are often showered with on Mother's Day. The surveys suggest that moms are looking for thoughtful long-term gifts and tech gifts certainly fit into this category.

Here are 5 gift tech gift ideas for Mother's Day 2012:


Tablets may be at the higher tier of the average price range, but it is the ideal Mother's Day gift, especially if you decide to split the cost with your siblings. From an iPad to a Kindle,an ASUS Transformer Prime to a Nook, there are dozens of tablets to choose from ranging from $600 to under $100. Whether your mother loves reading, watching movies, browsing or social media, a tablet will give her the freedom to do everything on the go.

Jawbone UP:

If your mother has an iPhone and likes to keep track of her exercise and eating habits, this could be the perfect gift for her. Jawbone's new wristband literally urges people to get UP. Everyday activity is tracked though one simple iPhone app that monitors people's steps, distance, pace, calories and GPS routes.

The app has a whole section for challenges, these include:

100,000 steps: Find creative ways to add steps to your day with a goal of accumulating 100,000 steps over 10 days, and take the whole family along for the walk. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and park at the back of the lot, enjoying the walk rather than jockeying for the closest spot.

Eiffel Tower: It takes 1,665 steps to climb the Eiffel Tower. Be the first to the top and earn60 DailyFeats points for real-life rewards.

Every Minute Counts: even 15 minutes of running makes a difference. Earn 15 DailyFeats points for real-life rewards.

Jawbone gives five reasons why 30 minutes of exercise a day will make all the difference:

You'll look better: Regular exercise can help you lose weight and keep it from coming back.

You'll feel better: Reduce stress. Elevate endorphins.

You'll sleep better: Get to sleep faster. Stay asleep longer.

You'll think better: Regular exercise can boost energy and improve focus.

You'll BE better: Regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and more.

Apple TV:

It's under a hundred bucks and lets you watch 1080p HD movies and TV shows from iTunes, Netflix, YouTube and Vimeo. iOS devices can also be streamed on Apple TV through AirPlay.

The Belkin Chef Stand:

Sometimes average smart covers just don't cut it in the kitchen. The Belkin Chef Stand has been designed specifically to cater for chefs who keep their recipes on tablet devices. The non-slip device comes with a magnetic tipped stylus, which allows you to use the tablet even when your hands are messy with ingredients. It's an ideal gift for moms who like to cook. The stand is compatible with most tablets.

ITunes Gift Card:

For those moms who don't want to splash out on their music, treat them with an iTunes gift card so they can fill their Apple devices with their favorite tunes. It's a simple and practical solution to buying music for your mom without embarrassing her.