Many tech companies have changed their flagship lineup monikers this year. Motorola has reportedly renamed the Moto X series to Moto Z lineup. Sony has put an end to the famous Xperia Z series and instead, introduced the Xperia X lineup, while Samsung is believed to have skipped the name Galaxy Note 6 for Galaxy Note 7 in order to keep the number in line with the Galaxy lineup (e.g. Galaxy S7) for any given year.

However, the latest news is that photos of a slew of replaceable back covers apparently belonging to the upcoming Motorola Moto Z have surfaced, thanks to Hello Moto HK, a Hong Kong-based Motorola fansite. These covers are reportedly called “StyleMods.” The casemaker has used leather, ballistic nylon and wood for the back shells.

Furthermore, Motorola has been rumored to bring some form of modularity to the upcoming Moto X or Moto Z. The modular components are reportedly called MotoMods. The LG G5, released a couple of months back, comes with a modular design, especially with the battery unit.

While Moto Z’s back panel covers add style to the exterior of the device, the MotoMods will reportedly be able to add functionality. There is a 16-pin port located at the bottom of the new device.

As it turns out, MotoMods can apparently be used to convert the Moto X into a typical camera by adding a dedicated shutter button, lens cover and even, optical zoom, Phone Arena noted.

As far as the other rumored specifications go, the Moto Z will reportedly feature an AMOLED screen, packed with shattershield technology, which was last seen in the Motorola Droid Turbo 2.

The Moto Z has been rumored to be unveiled on June 9. This event will also see a slew of accessories specific to this device getting introduced.