Motorola President and Chief Operating Officer Greg Brown said Tuesday that one of his top priorities in the near term is to bolster the company's consumer mobile phones division.

Not any single decision, but rather operational delivery and execution would be key in bringing about better results in the near term, he said to a gathering of investors and analysts at the UBS global Technology and Services Conference in New York.

He added that the company was not betting on a one-hit wonder but rather a broad-based portfolio of products. He declined to name specific upcoming products.

When asked about additional functionality to phones, he agreed that applications and services were important. One strategy going forward would be that of collaboration and partnerships where Motorola would work from an enabling standpoint, with operators in control but not choking off software developers.

Motorola's inclusion in a list of partners within Google's Open Handset Alliance was complementary strategy of utilizing the Linux operating system for software.

Commenting specifically on 3G technology, he acknowledged that we're coming from behind but noted

On emerging markets, where low cost phones are a priority, he said that the right cost structure for making phones in that market had not yet been established.