With summer officially over, a new batch of films will be making their way to theaters in October. As usual, the month will be full of horrors and thrillers such as “31” and “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” but there will also some comedies and dramas. Check out these seven movies you definitely shouldn’t miss and watch their trailers.

1. “The Girl on the Train” – Oct. 7

Based on the 2015 novel of the same name, “The Girl on the Train” follows Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) an alcoholic, divorcee who one day witnesses a life-changing event. Directed by Tate Taylor, the film also stars Justin Theroux, Allison Janney and Haley Bennett.

2. “The Birth of a Nation” – Oct. 7

In his directorial debut, Nate Parker also produced and stars in the period drama based on the story of Nat Turner – an enslaved man who led a slave rebellion. While the film has already received positive reviews, controversy surrounded Parker’s project after his 1999 rape charges were brought up.

3. “The Accountant” – Oct. 14

While he may now be known as Batman, Ben Affleck still has some other non-superhero films coming out and one of them is “The Accountant.” In the movie, Affleck plays a mathematics savant who passes as a small-town CPA but really works as a forensics accountant for criminal organizations. 

4. “Kevin Hart: What Now?” – Oct. 14

If comedy is more of your thing, Kevin Hart follows up his last stand-up film, “Let Me Explain,” with a performance that saw him making jokes in front of 53,000 people. 

5. “31” – Oct. 21 (Limited Release)

With it being October, of course there are a few horror movies releasing. Comparing it to his 2005 film “The Devil’s Rejects,” Rob Zombie’s “31” follows a group of carnival workers who are kidnapped and forced to escape a set of maze-like rooms while dodging torture and death. The independent film already saw a one-night only release on Sept. 1 and is currently available on Video On Demand service in the United States and United Kingdom. 

6. “Ouija: Origin of Evil” – Oct. 21

A prequel to the 2014 film “Ouija,” “Origin of Evil” takes place nearly 50 years before the first film. After faking a séance as part of a scam, a widowed mother becomes possessed by a spirit.

7. “Inferno” – Oct. 28

The latest film in Ron Howard’s trilogy of movies based on Dan Brown novels features Tom Hanks reprising his role as professor Robert Landon. After waking up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, Landon must team up with Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicty Jones) to stop a deadly attack on the world.