Isaiah Webb has a beard of biblical proportions.

The 29-year-old self-professed beard enthusiast from San Francisco has shared his facial-hairstyle creations on social media – and they have gained a following. Dubbed “Incredibeard,” Webb has transformed his beard into many shapes, styles and purposes – including one where he crafts it into a bowl and eats Ramen noodles from it.   

“Beards run in my family, so I've always really known; it's kind of tradition,” Webb told Mashable. “One of my ancestors, Jay Gould, was a railroad tycoon with a pretty awesome beard, and we actually look alike in many ways. Maybe one day I will be able to make a few billion dollars as a beard tycoon.”




Webb says his wife is “at the heart of Incredibeard” – pushing him to grow his beard long and come up with design ideas. “She brings the beard art to life. Incredibeard would be nothing without her,” Webb said.

On his blog, Webb calls himself “Mr. Incredibeard” and discusses different products, styles and tips on transforming his facial hair into some of his favorites including the Wookiee's Uterus, the Egyptian Ballsack and the Big Bowl O'Beard Ramen.

Webb says his go-to product for beard styling is the Bearded Bastard's Woodsman Mustache Wax and Beard Oil. “If you've ever wanted to smell like a lumberjack in the middle of Alaska with an axe in one hand while using the other hand to slap a bear in the face with a salmon, this is the product you want,” he said.


While Webb’s beard is something extravagant, he encourages other men to give a beard a try. “The greatest and most profound thing a man can do is grow a beard,” he said. “Every man should attempt to grow a beard at one point in their life. Whether or not they succeed is not the point, all that matters is that they try. A true beard is not on your face, but in your heart.”