“Mr. Robot” Season 2, Episode 11, “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z” was the perfect way to usher in the final episode of the season. It was puzzling. It offered a lot of questions. And there was even a little treat at the end.

The episode opened with Dom (Grace Gummer) having her cuts and bruises checked after the shooting at Lupe’s. She’s adamant that she doesn’t need to be treated and that it would be better if she were working at the crime scene. Her boss is not sold on the idea of letting her go back to work, though, so she’s forced to take some time off. But not before she learns that China has loaned E Corp trillions of dollars. Phillip Price’s (Michael Cristofer) plan to be the most powerful man in the world seems to be proceeding perfectly.

Meanwhile, Dom was uneasy the entire time she was at home. The desperation and loneliness was palpable. One has to wonder what the significance of learning about Dom’s loneliness is. Will it be something someone will use against her? Will it drive her to do things you didn’t expect her to do?

Elsewhere, Angela (Portia Doubleday) was taken to a house where she gets interrogated by a young girl, who happens to look a lot like her. After passing the test, she meets Whiterose (BD Wong). Whiterose told her that she would have been dead a long time ago had Price not backed her. In the end, Angela got spared from death, but Whiterose had a condition: she had to withdraw her case regarding the Washington Township scandal.

Elliot (Rami Malek), who was the last person Angela saw before Whiterose’s people nabbed her, had a tense meeting of his own. Despite his effort to get ahold of Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), they appear to be more disconnected than usual. After being asleep for a while, he did catch Mr. Robot going through some mail. He watched him decipher a code and followed him. He realized he wasn’t actually following anyone since they’re the same person, so he just tried to go wherever his mind took him.

He found a cab waiting for him. He got in. When the driver asked for an address, however, he panicked because he didn’t know what to say. The light flickered. And there he was: Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallstrom). Tyrell gave the instruction to the driver and they started moving. Elliot, shocked and confused, insisted the driver tell him that he can also see Tyrell. The driver didn’t say anything. Tyrell asked the driver to stop the car. After they alighted the vehicle, Tyrell told Elliot that the Dark Army has told him that Phase 2 is already in place. Elliot was still confused but he agreed to go wherever Tyrell was taking him.

The episode featured many odd sequences, and there were definitely a lot of questions borne out of those confusing scenes. Here are some of them.

Was it really Tyrell?

Since the second season started, everyone has been asking where the E Corp executive was. His wife Joanna (Stephanie Cornelioussen) was sure that he was still alive. Elliot believed Mr. Robot when he told him that he killed Tyrell. Now, he’s here. Or is he? Elliot, being already aware of how he creates characters inside his head, questioned whether it was truly Tyrell that he was talking to. Is Tyrell just another figment of Elliot’s imagination? Did Elliot kill Tyrell, and this is his way of coping with the murder? Tyrell also appeared to act like a caricature of himself, which strengthens the idea that perhaps Elliot was just imagining things. If it’s not him, will the viewers know what really happened before the season ends?

Why was Joanna happy about the address?

Mr. Sutherland (Jeremy Holm) gave Joanna the place Elliot traced Tyrell’s calls from. She was beaming when she saw the address. Why? Sure, she might just be happy that she’ll see her husband again. Considering Sutherland’s comment in the previous episode that it was impossible that Tyrell was hiding there though, Joanna’s reaction is definitely curious.

Is Darlene alive?

This was the big question in the previous episode, and it was definitely not answered in episode 11. Dom did tell her boss that she’d like to be the one to “do the interview,” which might be pertaining to her interrogation of Darlene. There is still a big chance that Darlene is still alive, but right now there’s no way to tell for sure.

What’s Whiterose’s plan?

It has already been revealed that Whiterose is protecting her project, which is the Washington Township Plant, but the question is , why? What is so special about it?

Will we get answers next week?

If series creator Sam Esmail is true to his word, yes.

The second part of the “Mr. Robot” Season 2 finale will air Wednesday, Sept. 22, 10 p.m. on USA.