Japan Show Provides Glimpse Of Robots As Future Of Rescue Efforts

Visitors to the Japan Mobility Show will get a vision of the future of rescue in the disaster-prone country, including exoskeletons
With a drone camera, a survivor is spotted in the rubble. "My idea is to help people such as firefighters with my machines," Izu, 61, told AFP. It was Attraclab that co-developed the small delivery robot squeezing through the cardboard rubble at the Japan Mobility Show and designed the remote-control stretcher on wheels or tracks.
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The US wants to return humans to the Moon by 2024

AI Spider Robots Heading To Moon To Explore Lunar Surface

A London-based startup has unveiled its plans to send spider robots to the Moon to explore its hard-to-reach places. According to the company, the robots, which are basically lunar rovers with legs, will be launched to the Moon in about two years.
Mars surface

NASA Photo Shows Living Alien Creature On Mars, Expert Claims

A UFO expert claimed that photos taken by NASA’s Opportunity rover on Mars showed an alien creature that slightly resembles a rabbit. According to the expert, the alleged creature was alive when the photo was taken and that NASA has footage of it as it was moving.


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