One of the biggest questions on “Mr. Robot” Season 2 concerns Tyrell's (Martin Wallstrom) whereabouts. While Mr. Robot, also known as Edward (Christian Slater), already told Elliot (Rami Malek) in the previous episode that he put an end to Tyrell's life, he might just be covering up for something else.

So the question remains. Members of the cast remain mum about details of the show, particularly that aspect, but Carly Chaikin (Darlene) shared her thought about the arc during an interview with Den of Geek.

“Well, we're all just convinced that he's going to kill all of us,” Chaikin said. “Are we all going to die? Please tell me you're not going to kill me.”

While the statement may have been said in jest, there is a possibility that it would happen if one considers how strong Tyrell's character is. Despite going on a downward spiral after not getting his coveted promotion, Tyrell remains dangerous and cunning, and Stephanie Corneliussen, who plays the character's wife, agrees.

Speaking with Bustle, Corneliussen said fans should keep an eye out for the Wellicks as they will most likely come out more dangerous than ever once the storm in their lives passes.

“If anyone was to jump out of a window... I don't see Joanna breaking down, and I don't see Tyrell breaking down,” the actress said. “No. I think that, if they make it through, then I think everyone else should worry more than [Tyrell and Joanna] should... because they can be incredibly dangerous.”

Nothing about Tyrell's arc has been confirmed, though. What fans can look forward to is Elliot's release from jail and likely return to hacking. Series creator Sam Esmail told The Hollywood Reporter that the character will not only enjoy freedom mentally, he will also be released from prison soon. It was revealed in the previous episode that Elliot was actually in jail and making it seem like he was in the outside world, living with his mother was a way for him to cope with what is happening.

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