Following Hurricane Irene, the MTA began operating Monday, offering limited service on subway, bus, and railroad.

The MTA also hopes to restore limited Metro North commuter rail service by Monday afternoon, according to spokesman Aaron Donovan.

Sunday, Metro-North's Harlem line had no power because of damage to transmission poles or flooded substations, reported Bloomberg. Local streams and the Bronx River overflew their banks. The Tuckahoe train station was 4-5 feet under water, and the signal system on all three lines of the Metro North, Hudson, Harlem and New Haven, were dysfunctional.

While Donovan could not specify when and which of the three lines could reopen, some limited services may be restored Monday afternoon.

Following the unprecedented weekend shutdown, New York City subway has resumed all lines on Monday 6 a.m., including service to and from Far Rockaway. Service will be less frequent than normal, and commuters can expect more crowded subway rides.

Staten Island Railway service resumed regular service between St. George and Tottenville.

Bus service in the city started returned at 4 p.m. Sunday, and is operating on a normal schedule Monday, except those routes that faces detours due to road conditions.

The Long Island Rail Road is operating near-normal service this morning on six of its branches, but customers are advised to expect some cancellations and some trains operating with fewer than normal complement of cars, according to the MTA website.

For further information, you can visit the MTA website./