Artist Ben Campbell crafted a life-size mummy as a centerpiece for his art show on the link between ancient Egypt and modern society. More impressive than structuring a life-size mummy is building it using $200 worth of McDonald's food.

Standing at 5 feet 2 inches, the mummy is made out of McDonald's food and epoxy resin, a product used to make laminates, castings or molds. So how exactly did he use the McDonald's to sculpt this realistically frightening mummy?

Before doing anything with the food, Campbell had to make a rubber mold of the mummy. After preparing the mold he was able to move onto the McDonalds. I dried the food out and ran it through a blender, Campbell told the HuffPost Arts via e-mail. Campbell's secret mummy recipe was McDoubles and French Fries. The artist then mixed that blended formula with clear epoxy resin, pouring the paste into the rubber molds he had prepared.

The last part was using the mixture to stick the cast parts to each other and cleaning the sculpture up, continued Campbell.

According to, the sculpture aims to show the world that McDonald's food is so full of preservatives that it will literally last forever.

Although admitting that the project wad was disgusting, Campbell has plans to grow his collection of grotesque food art. According to, the artist hopes to have an entire McDonald's Food Mummy Art Show. The show he's planning (based on funding) would comically highlight the parallels between Ancient Egypt, McDonald's Food and Modern Society.