The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) of Egypt on Wednesday submitted the legal papers to the party affairs committee for approval of a new political party Freedom and Justice.

Secretary General Mohamed Saad el-Katatni said the party's members have reached nearly 9, 000, which includes, 978 women and 93 Copts (Egyptian Christians).

The party is open to all Egyptians, Muslims and Copts alike, he said, adding that they have kept their word and “appointed Dr. Rafiq Habib as deputy chairman foreign relations of the party.

The new party will focus on a civil state based on religion, he said.

Egypt is a civil country with religious reference, the party’s statement said, stressing that Islam is the official state religion and will guarantee all rights and freedoms to the Coptic people.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is the most powerful political force, had announced on April 30 that it will form a party to contest for half the parliamentary seats in elections which are scheduled for September this year.

The MB plans to strengthen its programs so that it can gain public support for the upcoming parliamentary elections, which will be the party's first real test.

But the group has already announced that it will not be nominate a candidate for the presidential election.