A new Web site called my4oneone.com launched on Sunday, Jan.1, adding another dimension to the social networking scenario. The new service is a platform that allows users to store and access a wide variety of personal information, said a PR Newswire release.

The Web site also allows users to share select information securely online, the media release said. The new service has all the popular features of similar networking Web sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. The service is based on cloud technology and information will be stored in a secure online location, according to the media release. The Web site helps users to access important details about each other and share these easily with family members, friends and the public.

Users can provide physical descriptions, social interests, medical information, recommendations, wish lists and more on the Personal Profile page. my4oneone offers a single place online to store all the personal information you currently keep in your wallet, purse, file cabinet, desk drawer and in your head, said the co-founder of my4oneone.com, Greg Hernandez.

Our Web site fills a void in the rapidly growing arena of social networking and we are pleased to see many top CEOs and business executives appreciating the very promising future of my4oneone.com, he further said.

There are different levels at which information can be accessed and shared, with settings like - Private (for user's access only), Privileged (for selected close family or friends), Personal (for a wider set of friends/contacts) and Public (for any member of my4oneone.com). In addition, users will also have options to comment on all data fields.  

This Web site is oriented towards sharing personal information, unlike Facebook and Twitter, which seem to be more concerned with sharing social information. Anyhow, it is too early to predict my4oneone.com's chances of survival, in the present social networking market.