For fourteen season of “MythBusters,” Adam Savage, co-star of the hit Discovery Channel series, succeeded in testing 248 myths – and managed to crack a smile from viewers while doing so. But, according to the funny science-lover, there was one episode from the series where he felt like he was being laughed at instead of with.

In a blog post for, Jamie Hyneman’s co-host recalls his most embarrassing moment from the set of “MythBusters,” which involved a trench coat, a dumpster and, of course, a dangerous stunt.

Savage began by stating he’s always had a deep appreciation for costumes. (And those who are long-time fans of the show can attest to that.) So, when the “MythBusters” star had a chance to find out whether a person could survive after jumping off a roof and into a full dumpster – Savage knew he wanted to do it in style.

The episode from 2009 was broken into two parts: training and testing. “For the training section I decided Jamie and I should wear sweat suits with letters on them that said ‘stunt trainee,’” he reminisced. But for the testing portion of the installment, Savage went, well … a little more futuristic in his ensemble choice.

The Discovery Channel star revealed that he decided to complete the dumpster dive while sporting a cape-like coat inspired by Keanu Reeve’s character from “The Matrix.”

“I loved his long trench coat and his boots, and I especially thought it would look awesome on camera (particularly the high-speed) when I jumped down into the dumpster wearing them – not unlike in the movie,” he said.

But when Savage showed up to the set, he was greeted with snickers and laughter by crew members instead of compliments.

“I felt totally embarrassed,” he confessed. “But I pushed on.”

And thankfully Savage didn’t let giggles of others convince him to ditch the trench because when he finally did jump off the building, the coat flowed behind him dramatically – just like he had anticipated.

“For a moment there I definitely felt like I was that odd little kid again, no quite fitting in,” he said. But it’s been Savage’s black sheep-like behavior that’s made “MythBusters” so successful.

In October, the network announced that after 13 years of testing hypotheses, “MythBusters” would be coming to an end. Savage confirmed the announcement in a Twitter video, promising viewers that their final season would be “awesome.” And from the many explosions teased in the Season 14 trailer, to Savage’s several costume changes (Savage is bringing back his MacGyver look!) , it seems safe to say that his prediction will be totally “confirmed.”

"MythBusters" will premiere on Saturday, Jan. 9, on Discovery Channel.