"MythBusters" Season 14 Spoilers
"MythBusters," starring Jamie Hyneman (left) and Adam Savage (right), will feature an explosion-themed episode during the final season of the Discovery Channel series. DCL

The final season of “MythBusters” is going to be explosive … literally. According to a new trailer from Season 14 of the long-running Discovery Channel series, one episode from the final installment will be solely dedicated to detonation.

“We’re devoting an entire episode to an explosion special,” Adam Savage, co-host of the science series, says in the fiery promo video.

From the pulverization of wet concrete to the potential destruction of a hovercraft, it’s safe to say the final season of “MythBusters” will end with a bang, boom and a ticking clock.

That’s right, Savage will sport a blonde-haired wig in the sizzling episode as he portrays the beloved, bomb-defusing character MacGyver – also known as the “Patron Saint of Mythbusters.”

“MacGyver,” an action-adventure TV series that starred Richard Dean Anderson, has previously played an important role on “MythBusters.” In celebration of the show’s 100th episode, the science series decided to dedicate their milestone installment after the seven-season drama.

“We had to work quite a long time to get their cooperation to actually let us show footage from the show,” Jamie Hyneman, Savage’s myth busting partner in crime, said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2008. “It seemed somehow appropriate for the 100th episode, ‘cause in a way, we’re the real MacGyvers. We’re the guys that you would come to pull something like that off in real life. We could probably do a ‘MythBusters’ episode about every ‘MacGyver’ episode.”

But what “MacGyver” theory will the duo be testing in Season 14? Well, a sneak-peek clip from the upcoming season revealed that Savage and Hyneman will attempt to find out if MacGyver’s cement “made a difference between the control and the cement blast.”

Fans can watch the final season of “MythBusters” when Season 14 premieres on Saturday, Jan. 9, on Discovery Channel.