A naked California man, who was trying to flee, was struck and killed by a truck after he jumped out of a moving ambulance on a freeway Friday afternoon.

The accident happened on the northbound 5 south of the 55 freeway in Tustin at about 7.30 a.m., Sgt. Luis Garcia of the Tustin Police Department told the Weekly.

According to CBS News, the man started acting erratically, forcing the driver to stop the ambulance in the center divided area. When the ambulance was stopped, the man tried to exit from the back of the ambulance.   

After escaping from the ambulance, the nude man managed to cross the freeway onto a connector road.

One of the officers tried to hold him, but he was unable to subdue him. However, the man continued to run and suddenly jumped in front of a moving truck.   

The California Highway Patrol said that the family of the 21-year-old man had not been notified about his death.

It was not clear why he had been receiving medical care. The man was being transferred from one hospital to another when he jumped out of the ambulance.