House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced her three Democratic picks for the "super" debt committee, a bipartisan undertaking that has been created to tackle the country's financial fiascoes.

Representatives James Clyburn, Xavier Becerra, and Chris Van Hollen were given the former Speaker's blessing.

Her picks have added diversity to the 12-member panel. Clyburn is black and Becerra is Hispanic. There is only one woman on the debt committee, Democratic senator Patty Murray of Washington, who was picked by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Here is a look at the last three of the 12 committee appointees.

James Clyburn

Clyburn represents South Carolina's sixth congressional district. He is interested in "building a clean energy economy" in the state and "creating new economies and jobs that can't be shipped overseas," according to his website.

He also wants to expand the state's tourism industry and cut the payroll tax for employers so the private sector will hire more workers.

South Carolina's unemployment rate is 10.5 percent as of June of this year.

"Too often, the human side gets lost in the Washington debates about our nation's debt and deficits.  I will seek to keep those interests on the table," he said in a statement in response to his committee appointment.

Xavier Becerra

Becerra represents California's thirty-first congressional district. Like Republican debt committee appointee Dave Camp, Becerra is also a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means.

California's unemployment rate is at 11.8 percent as of June.

An interesting fact about Becerra is that he once worked for a legal services agency representing the mentally ill, according to his congressional campaign website.

Support services for this population are often provided by government agencies and organizations, and these tend to be hit the hardest by budget cuts. Here's hoping that Becerra can help come up with a solution that does not impose financial harm for this population. 

Chris Van Hollen

Van Hollen represents Maryland's eighth district. He is a member of the Committee of the Budget and a ranking member of the House Budget Committee. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Task Force on Budget and Tax Policy.

Maryland's unemployment rate was 7 percent as of June.

The Washington Post once named Van Hollen "one of the most accomplished members of the General Assembly."

"Putting America back to work is the best and most immediate way to reduce our deficit as we also develop and implement a balanced plan to establish long-term fiscal discipline and sustained economic growth," he said in a statement in response to his appointment.