Next year, NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour will move from Los Angeles to retire at the California Science Center. At 122 feet, the Endeavour was built 20 years ago and is now the last shuttle to fly a mission into space.

Currently, NASA is stripping the Endeavour of its hazardous items and parts before it goes on public display. As for the actual move, the shuttle will be attached atop the NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, flown to LAX, loaded onto a truck, and driven from there to the Science Center. Plans to put it on a temporary exhibit are underway, but the shuttle will eventually receive a more permanent home in about five years.

A ceremony on Tuesday was held to celebrate the new ownership. Both NASA and the Science Center hope to bring new inspiration and educate the next generation with this exhibit. Expected to arrive California late 2012, the shuttle itself costs an estimate of $2 billion. Transporting it to LA is a whole other cost in itself. Plus, once it reaches the Science Center, plans to build it a new wing in the building is already coming out to $200 million. That's a rather expensive retirement-even for NASA.