New NASA Astronauts Graduate, Eying Moon -- And Mars

Astronaut graduates from the United States and United Arab Emirates during a ceremony at the NASA Johnson Space Center
After two years of rigorous training, ten Americans officially became astronauts on Tuesday, and are now eligible for planned NASA missions to the International Space Station, the Moon, and -- if all goes well -- to Mars.
In this photo courtesy of Intuitive Machines, Odysseus passes over the near side of the Moon

Odysseus Lunar Lander Makes Historic Moon Landing

The Odysseus lunar lander, built by the Houston-based Intuitive Machines, safely landed on the Moon on Thursday, becoming the first private company to reach the lunar surface and the first US-made spacecraft to complete the feat.
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Scientists at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Texas will be the first to handle samples brought back from Bennu, a distant asteroid

NASA Lab Hopes To Find Life's Building Blocks In Asteroid Sample

Eager scientists and a gleaming lab awaits. Scientists will separate pieces of the rock and dust for study now, while carefully storing away the rest for future generations equipped with better technology -- a practice first started during the Apollo missions to the Moon.


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