Steve Wallace was just sitting in his car, and then randomly found himself involved in a bizarre attack on Saturday after a Nationwide Series race.

According to ESPN, Jerry Baxter, the crew chief for Patrick Carpentier, apologized on behalf of Pastrana Waltrip Racing for pulling on Wallace's hair.

I'm sorry for what happened after the race on Saturday and I take responsibility for my own actions, Baxter said in a statement. I called Steve today and apologized.

Baxter said his emotions got the best of him. Carpentier has yet to apologize.

Wallace later stated in a television interview: Only girls pull hair. Wallace would later apologize for that comment.

Carpentier retired after the race. He has been racing since the age of 12.

I'm amazed a guy like Wallace has a full-time ride, Carpentier said. It's like sometimes he spaces out. I've never said this before, but I think the guy is an idiot. But what can you do? 

Check out the video: