“Nashville” fans learned about a new character named Layla in June, and now they have a face to match to the name. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that “Sharknado” star Aubrey Peeples will be making her way to ABC’s country singing drama in the recurring role.

According to TVLine, Peeples' character, Layla, is the winner of an “American Idol” type music competition. Layla is so “driven to be a country star” that she “downplays her Northeastern roots, high level of education and stable family life.” Around 20 years old, the character will “come across as sweet at first ... but her darker side will show itself over time.”

Layla is set to be a frequently recurring character, which leads some to speculate that she could be serious competition for Juliette, who will still be mourning the death of her mother when season two premieres.

Aubrey Peeples made a splash in the entertainment industry this summer when she starred in the hit Syfy movie, “Sharknado.” The actress played Claudia, the teen daughter of Tara Reid and Ian Ziering’s characters.

Peeples won’t be the only new face joining season two of “Nashville.” Actress Chaley Rose will be joining the series as Zoey, Scarlett’s childhood friend “who also has dreams of making it big as a singer.”

“Nashville” returns to ABC for its season two premiere on Sept. 25. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section.