“Nashville” Season 3, episode 8 finally showed the CMA Awards. Deacon (Charles Esten) and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) were the only people in Nashville who stayed home for the night. Deacon apparently made the right choice because awards shows just mean drama. Rayna (Connie Britton) and Luke (Will Chase) were up against each other for several awards. While they were trying to be supportive, they were getting competitive. Someone didn’t handle losing very well.

The tension started before the couple even arrived at the awards show. Rayna found Luke’s prenuptial agreement in his bag. “I figured it was a given, to be honest,” Luke said. Rayna claimed she was fine with it, but she didn’t seem fine.

She couldn’t be too upset after she won single of the year. When the first person she thanked was her co-writer Deacon, Luke didn’t look too happy. Then she won album of the year and thanked producer Liam McGuinnis. Luke was angry that her exes were mentioned before he was, and Rayna kept beating him in every category.

When they won for their duet, “Ball and Chain,” Luke took up almost the whole speech. He said that he found Gunnar’s (Sam Palladio) song and he asked Rayna to sing with him.

“So what’s he saying? Rayna couldn’t have done it without him?” Deacon said while watching from home.

Luke was drunk and angry, a volatile combination. When Rayna followed him to the men’s room to ask him what was wrong, he started yelling that she took what was his. He claimed that she wanted to be there with Deacon and the only reason her album did well was because Luke proposed on the day of her album’s release.

They had to put on happy faces when Rayna presented Luke with an award. Luke had to keep his fake smile when Rayna picked up the entertainer of the year award. She finally thanked Luke.

“What’s mine is yours,” she said. “And to all the men out there, remember we’re not trying to take anything from you. There’s plenty of sunshine for all of us.”

Luke apologized when they got home. He claimed that he just had a few too many drinks, and he was proud of his future wife. They seemed to be on good terms ... then she got a text from Deacon. “Congrats, Ray. Much deserved,” he wrote. It was a small gesture, but it seemed to make Rayna happy.

Although Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) was up for only one award, she was more nervous than Rayna before the ceremony. She was afraid of meeting Avery’s (Jonathan Jackson) parents. His mother immediately embraced her, but Avery’s father didn’t seem to approve of her.

“You know what’s complicated? A child, and neither of you got any business raising one,” his father said.

He claimed that Avery only got to write the song because Juliette liked him and she wasn’t really raised at all. Juliette had flashbacks to her childhood throughout the episode. Her mother (Sylvia Jefferies) continually left her alone when she was younger so her mother could hang out with her boyfriends.

Avery apologized to Juliette. He said that his father always pushed his buttons, but Juliette reasoned that he was right. She didn’t know how to be a mom, but Avery pointed out that they didn’t have to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

“I’m not my father and you’re not your mother, OK? We’re us and we got this,” Avery said.

Juliette felt reassured and she revealed that she peeked at the paperwork from the doctor. They were having a girl.

After the awards, Avery was ready to send Juliette to bed alone. She had him unzip her dress, but Avery left quickly after. It seemed that he was ready to jump into fatherhood, but he might not be ready to jump into a romantic relationship just yet.

Gunnar was adjusting to fatherhood as well. He told Micah (Gunnar Sizemore) that his mom “just needed a little breather” instead of explaining that she abandoned him.

While at the CMA awards, Gunnar got a call from Micah’s grandparents. He was hoping they could lead him to Kylie (Alexa PenaVega), but they hadn’t spoken to her in months. While Gunnar was outside, Zoey (Chaley Rose) was supposed to be watching him. Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson) pulled her away to talk business, but Gunnar came back before Jeff could express how interested he was in signing Zoey to Edgehill. When they realized that Micah was missing, they panicked and started searching for him. Eventually, Micah was found and revealed that he just tried to find a bathroom when he got lost. It forced Gunnar to miss his own award, but he wasn’t too upset. He was just happy to have his son safe.

Zoey, however, realized that Gunnar’s life was different now. Kylie didn’t seem to be coming back, and she couldn’t be a parent with Gunnar. She said she was making a choice for him. When she showed up at Scarlett’s house in tears, it was clear that she chose to break up with him.

Not everyone solved their problems this week. While at the awards show, Teddy (Eric Close) ran into Natasha (Moniqua Plante), the prostitute that Jeff set him up with. She was with another client and Jeff warned him not to talk to her. No one could know that the mayor was friendly with a prostitute. They hooked up in a back room, and Natasha said he wouldn’t have to pay this time.

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