Rayna (Connie Britton) and Luke (Will Chase) are planning their wedding on “Nashville” Season 3, but someone might beat them to the altar. New spoilers indicate that “Nashville” is about to host a shotgun wedding.


It sounds like Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and Avery (Jonathan Jackson) are getting hitched.

“With marriage on the cards for one couple, it comes as a surprise to learn that those walking down the aisle are Avery and Juliette. After many trials and tribulations in their relationship, the two hit the altar in a quick ceremony and are happier than they have ever been,” Spoiler TV reports.

How will they get to the altar? Well, that’s not quite clear. Juliette and Avery aren’t even on speaking terms at this point in Season 3. Even after Juliette bailed him out of jail in episode 4 after drunkenly passing out in a stranger’s car, Avery told her that she was one of the worst things that ever happened to him. The musician has since been soothing his broken heart with plenty of hard liquor, but he hasn’t been a fun drunk. He has been very angry, and it looks like that behavior will continue.

In "Nashville" Season 3, episode 5, Juliette will tell Avery that she is pregnant with his baby. However, since they aren’t speaking, she’ll just send him a text message. It seems that Avery is going to break their silence quickly after that when he hunts her down on set. He looks angry in the promo video and photos for the episode. He might even be angry enough to shout about Juliette’s pregnancy on the set of her new movie (which is what it looks like in the photo above).

Going from barely speaking to married isn’t going to happen in the next episode or two. Their relationship will take a while to get back on track. Expect Juliette and Avery’s wedding to happen a little later in the season.

It looks like Juliette is going to change her mind about a lot of things, not just marriage. It seems that she’ll be keeping the baby, despite wanting to find a secretive adoption agency. The "Nashville" Season 3, episode 6, synopsis indicates that Juliette will ask Avery to be in the baby’s life as a father.

Father isn’t the same as a husband, but Juliette isn’t known for thinking things through. She probably won’t be like Rayna and strategically plan her wedding. SpoilerTV called it a "quick ceremony," so it sounds like Juliette and Avery could get married on a whim.

“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Do you think Juliette and Avery should get married, or should they just focus on the baby right now? Sound off in the comments section below!