“Nashville” Season 3 is definitely going to amp up the drama for the finale. Deacon (Charles Esten) is going in for a liver transplant, but that doesn’t automatically mean all is well. As we discovered when he almost got a liver earlier this season, complications can arise and change everything. Deacon knows he might not make it out alive, which is why he is preparing for the worst -- which might include marrying Rayna (Connie Britton).

Fans saw Deacon propose in the promo video for the season finale, which should have been an indicator that everything wouldn’t go smoothly. “They have never had an easy road, those two, and it doesn’t get any easier now,” showrunner Callie Khouri teased to Entertainment Weekly.

In a sneak-peek video from “Nashville” Season 3, episode 22, Deacon asks Rayna to marry him. “Marry me,” Deacon says. “Please, baby. Right here, right now, before I go in there I want you to get married to me.”

This proposal scenario may seem familiar to fans. In the “Nashville” Season 2 finale, Deacon proposed to Rayna right after Luke (Will Chase) proposed to her. Viewers had to wait all summer to find out who she chose, and it looks like Deacon’s second proposal isn’t going to have much more success. He wants to get married in the hospital before surgery because he keeps dreaming about dying, but Rayna doesn’t want to feed into his fear.

“You know what? I’ve got dreams too,” Rayna says. “About you and me, getting old together. And we’ve got these girls, and I dream about us raising them up.”

It’s not exactly a no, but it certainly isn’t a yes. It seems fans might not get to hear a real answer in this finale. Khouri said that this year’s final episode would be a mix of the nearly-fatal car crash from the Season 1 finale and the proposals from Season 2 finale. “Season 3 I think is splitting the difference,” Khouri said. “It’s really emotional. [And] it’s not a car crash, but it is a life-and-death situation.” Audiences should remember that the finales shared one aspect: major cliffhanger endings. 

Watch the sneak-peak video from the “Nashville” Season 3 finale below via People:

“Nashville” Season 3, episode 22, airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Do you hope Rayna decides to marry Deacon? Sound off in the comments section below!