Luke Wheeler might finally find love in “Nashville” Season 4. After Luke’s (Will Chase) breakup with Rayna (Connie Britton), the country singer hasn’t been too happy on the ABC drama. However, it sounds like he just might find himself with a girlfriend who isn’t in love with an ex next season.

Up until Sadie (Laura Benanti) left town, it seemed like she and Luke were getting closer. Yet as Rayna’s friend, Sadie couldn’t hook up with Luke. She wouldn’t even agree to sing a duet on his album because it felt like a betrayal to Rayna.

“Even though she felt a connection to Luke — who I do think was a good guy and I was happy that my character could facilitate the audience seeing that he’s not a villain just because he’s not Deacon — he treated her really well,” Benanti told TV Line. “I appreciated that the writers had us have this connection but not act on it. Sadie chose to get her life together and honor her friendship with Rayna by not getting together with her ex.”

It looked like they’d eventually get closer, but Sadie had to leave Music City after she accidentally killed her abusive ex-husband Pete (Jay Wilison). Sadie said she’d return to Nashville eventually, but Benanti isn’t so sure. The actress has several gigs booked, including a recurring role on CBS’ “Supergirl” as Alura Zor-El (Supergirl’s mom), Deadline reports.

“I don’t know if I’m coming back,” Benanti said. “I don’t really know anything. But I know if I did, I’m sure it would be in a capacity with Luke.”

If Sadie doesn’t come back, there is still a possibility for Jade (Christina Aguilera) to return. Right after Sadie left, Luke briefly hooked up with the pop star. Luke claimed that their lives were too different. If Jade decided to become a country artist like she wanted, their lives might be more similar and she would definitely end up in Nashville again. 

“The door is also left open for Jade, should she decide to pop back into this world,” showrunner Dee Johnson told the Hollywood Reporter. “But we haven’t talked enough about whether or not there's a specific love interest beyond that. I'm sure he'll have one. How could he not?”

Fans will have to wait until “Nashville” Season 4 premieres to see if either of Luke’s loves will return.

“Nashville” Season 4 premieres in the fall on ABC. Do you want Luke to be with Sadie or Jade? Sound off in the comments section below!