The Queensland government will be giving Beyondblue, the national depression initiative a boost of $3.2 million.

Paul Lucas, deputy premier of Queensland will be signing a contract with Jeff Kennet, Beyondblue chairman in Brisbane.

The signing ceremony coincides with the 11th International Mental Health Conference on Gold Cost this week.

There are about 800,000 Australians affected by depressive disorders, said Mr Kennet.

The funds will enable the work to cover a wide range of areas covering post-natal depression in women, programs for the younger people and also programs designed for the workplace, he said in his statement to AAP.

Mr Kennet is also highly optimistic about the investment and the doors it has opened.

He said, It's a very good investment because the changes we've been able to make in the last ten years, in destigmatizing depressive illnesses, research we've done, has put us in a better position.

Mental health service is promised to receive $1.5 billion from the Coalition and a total of $277 million will be allocated for suicide prevention by Labor.

For 200 years, mental health has not been receiving the rightly needed public recognition, said Mr Kennet.

Now, governments are much more aware of the extent of the condition and cost to community and they are willing to spend more, he added.

He said, Yes we need more, but I'm not ungrateful, I think it's up to those who receive the funding to act responsibly with it.