What’s teeny, cuddly and the best friend you can have in the world?

A puppy, of course!

We obviously love our grown-up pooches. But there is nothing as heartwarming as an adorable puppy you can cradle and spoil with love. So in honor of National Puppy Day, we’ve gathered a list of the top 15 dog breeds in America for 2013 as reported by the American Kennel Club.

And yes, the dogs are appropriately illustrated in their puppy form. Let the cuteness overload begin! 

15. French Bulldogs RTX182UG French Bulldogs have seen a rise in ownership over the last year, according to the American Kennel Club. Photo: Reuters 14. Doberman Pinschers RTXQQRO Doberman Pinschers are very energetic and have great strength. They enjoy being around people and are loyal and affectionate with families. Photo: Reuters 13. German Shorthaired Pointers RTR212PY Chela, a 3-1/2 year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, fights with boxing gloves against her trainer, police office Cesar Chacaliaza of Peru. With her red boxing gloves on, Chela dodges punches and throws jabs with her front paws while standing up on her hind legs. Her trainer says she's the only dog in Peru who knows how to box. Photo: Reuters 12. Siberian Huskies RTR1ZCES One-month-old Siberian husky sled puppies take a walk in the snow near their kennel in Wiltondale, Newfoundland. The puppies will be ready to work on the same sled team in seven months. Photo: Reuters 11. Shih Tzus RTR2CJXJ Shih Tzus are known to be happy and lively dogs that are gentle and full of character. Photo: Reuters

10. Dachshunds RTR1GQRI Dachshunds are known to be curious, lively and a bit mischievous. The are very affectionate as well. Photo: Reuters  9. Rottweilers RTXTRGR The rottweiler made the AKC's list last year as well. They are loving and super affectionate dogs, despite their aggressive reputation. Photo: Reuters 8. Poodles RTR34REC Usually styled to perfection, poodles are known for being exceptionally smart and graceful. They are considered one of the most trainable breeds. Photo: Reuters 7. Boxers RTR18P56 Boxers are known for being playful and curious. Photo: Reuters 6. Yorkshire Terriers RTR2XMCT These little guys are both energetic and clever. They are known to be exceptional watch dogs. Photo: Reuters 5. Bulldogs RTR3DHDT Bulldogs are some of the most gentle dogs. They are dependable and very gentle with children as well. Photo: Reuters 4. Beagles Beagle As one of the most beloved breeds, beagles make great pets for families with small children. They are exceptionally loyal and usually quite energetic. Photo: Reuters 3. Golden Retrievers RTXY1JQ Another family friendly breed, golden retrievers love to play and are extremely smart. Photo: Reuters 2. German Shepherd Dogs RTX11YMX These loyal pups are both tough and curious. They are also very protective and really quick learners. Photo: Reuters 1. Labrador Retrievers RTR3648X Labs have topped the AKC's list of top breeds for 22 years in a row. And with their even temperment, friendly nature and ease when it comes to training, it is no wonder families across America have a soft spot for the breed. Photo: Reuters