Every Year, April Fools' Day pranks are celebrated around the world on the first day of the spring month. Although it's not considered a national holiday, the day is recognized as a time for many people to play gags and practical jokes on each other. These tricks can sometimes vary in sophistication and humor.

But what happens when it's not a person playing a joke on us, but rather the extraordinary work of Mother Nature herself? Some people consider nature's optical illusions to be the most sophisticated jokes of all.

With their weird shapes and outstanding colors, they mesmerize and leave us bound at every weird and wacky location.

These picturesque illusions can be found all over the world and usually give off a perception of shape and size that can trick you into thinking that they really are what they seem to be. But most of the time, it's probably not what you think.

In celebration of April Fools' Day 2012, here are Nature's Best Pranks. [Press Start to view the slideshow]