A little more than a month away from the 2014 NBA Draft, the order of the first round has yet to be decided. That will change on Tuesday, May 19, with the draft lottery. It is set to begin at 8 p.m. ET, a half hour before Game Two of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.

The lottery will determine the first three picks of the draft. The final 11 selections will be based on regular-season records.

All 14 teams that missed the playoffs are eligible to land the No.1 pick, though only a few have a realistic chance of winning the top spot. After leading the league with 67 losses, the Milwaukee Bucks have the best chance of getting the first selection. The Phoenix Suns barely missed the playoffs with 48 victories, and have 200/1 odds of picking first.

Every team has a chance of getting one of the first three picks. However, no team is eligible for more than seven spots. For instance, the Los Angeles Lakers will get a pick ranging from either No.1-No.3 or No.6-No.9. If the Minnesota Timberwolves don’t get a top three pick, they’ll end up at No.13 or No.14.

The New York Knicks are the only non-playoff team that is guaranteed to lose their lottery pick. Their selection will go to the Denver Nuggets, as a result of the Carmelo Anthony trade. The Nuggets won’t have two lottery picks, though, because of a trade they made with the Orlando Magic. Orlando will get the rights to Denver’s second lottery pick, in addition the one they already own. 

The New Orleans Pelicans are likely to lose their pick. The selection go to the Philadelphia 76ers if it is not in the top three, because of a trade made at the 2013 draft.

Milwaukee Bucks: 1st (25%) 2nd (21.49%) 3rd (17.75%) 4th (35.76 %)

Philadelphia 76ers: 1st (19.9%) 2nd (18.8%) 3rd (17.1%) 4th (31.86%) 5th (12.35%)

Orlando Magic: 1st (15.6%) 2nd (15.73%) 3rd (15.56%) 4th (22.53%) 5th (26.53%) 6th (4.05%)

Utah Jazz: 1st (10.4%) 2nd (11.2%) 3rd (12.09%) 4th (9.85%) 5th (37.29%) 6th (17.75%) 7th (1.42%)

Boston Celtics: 1st (10.3%) 2nd (11.11%) 3rd (12.01%) 5th (23.83%) 6th (34.21%) 7th (8.18%) 8th (0.37%)

Los Angeles Lakers: 1st (6.3%) 2nd (7.09%) 3rd (8.1%) 6th (43.99%) 7th (30.44%) 8th (3.96%) 9th (0.1%)

Sacramento Kings: 1st (4.3%) 2nd (4.94%) 3rd (5.78%) 7th (59.96%) 8th (23.2%) 9th (1.79%) 10th (0.03%)

Detroit Pistons: 1st (2.8%) 2nd (3.26%) 3rd (3.88%) 8th (72.47%) 9th (16.78%) 10th (0.8%) 11th (0.01%)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 1st (1.7%) 2nd (2%) 3rd (2.41%) 9th (81.32%) 10th (12.19%) 11th (0.38%) 12th (0.02%)

New Orleans Pelicans: 1st (1.1%) 2nd (1.3%) 3rd (1.58%) 10th (86.98%) 11th (8.87%) 12th (0.18%) 13th (0.001%)

Denver Nuggets (via New York Knicks): 1st (0.8%) 2nd (0.95%) 3rd (1.15%) 11th (90.74%) 12th (6.28%) 13th (0.08%) 14th (0.001%)

Orlando Magic (via Denver Nuggets): 1st (0.7%) 2nd (0.83%) 3rd (1.101%) 12th (93.54%) 13th (3.9%) 14th (0.02%)

Minnesota Timberwolves: 1st (0.6%) 2nd (0.71%) 3rd (0.87%) 13th (96.02%) 14th (1.8%)

Phoenix Suns: 1st (0.5%) 2nd (0.59%) 3rd (0.72%) 14th (98.18%)