In what be one of the most pathetic fights seen in a long time, two cameramen duked it out following NBAPA president Derek Fisher's press conference on Monday night.

The two cameramen were jockeying for position for Fisher's NBA lockout post-meeting press conference when the two began to argue and curse at each other, according to After arguing for a few minutes, a reporter on the scene told the cameramen to take their battle down the street -- and the pair surprising did just that.

After the press conference the two unnamed cameramen took to the streets of New York to settle their inane battle. The battle resulted in the two cameramen feebly throwing a few punches at each other, while mostly dancing around in hilarious fighting stances.

One bystander even comments that David Stern and NBAPA Executive Director Billy Hunter should do the same to settle their differences.

It's unclear whether either of the two cameramen was reprimanded for the very public and embarrassing fight.

Watch the full brawl -- if you can even call it that -- below.