Amidst the NBA trades, a 7-year-old girl was not too happy to hear her favorite Trail Blazers player Gerald Wallace was traded to the Nets, prompting her to cry hysterically in a video that has gone viral.

A woman's voice is heard in the video to tell the young girl about the NBA trades. The 7-year-old, whose name was not listed on the description of the YouTube video, is prepared for bad news when the woman tells her the Los Angeles Lakers have made a trade.

First, it's Luke Walton. She's happy.

Then, it's Derek Fisher, who moved to the Rockets. She's a little upset.

It's o.k., though, because the woman tells her the Lakes kept Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. The girl claps.

But she doesn't react so happy when the woman tells her about the Portland Trail Blazers trade.

And the Blazers also traded some players, the woman says from behind the camera.

Who did they trade? the 7-year-old asks.

You ready for this? The girl nods.

Gerald Wallace.

Cue intense crying and screaming for just under a minute until someone gives her a hug and promises her a gift.

You know what? a woman says in the video, To make you feel better, daddy got you something. Do you want me to go get it?

Hopefully, the 7-year-old cheers up...or becomes a Nets fan.