Donald Trump, real estate mogul-turned-TV-star-turned-presidential candidate, has officially been let go by NBC Universal as host of the blockbuster show "Celebrity Apprentice."

The show's 15th season will be pushed to 2016-2017 and Trump will no longer be a part of it, NBC confirmed to International Business Times on Thursday. The company did not announce a new host.

In February, NBC renewed the series but did not provide a release date. That was before Trump declared his run for president and alienated several business partners including NBC Universal with his comments on Mexican immigrants (calling them "rapists and killers").

After his campaign launch and those remarks in June, the company first said it would "re-evaluate Trump’s role," and then weeks later said Trump would "not be participating" in the show anymore. NBC noted that it would continue its relationship with Mark Burnett's United Artists Media Group, which produces "Celebrity Apprentice."

Trump responded at the time that NBC "didn't want me to run, because they wanted to do the Apprentice."

"As long as I'm running for president, they were not happy with it," he said, "and now with my statements on immigration, which happen to be correct, they are gonna take a different stance, and that's okay. Whatever they wanna do is okay with me."

Now, NBC is hunting for a new man for the job. Trump hosted the show, which replaced his original series "The Apprentice" in 2008, for seven years.