NBC’s Fear Factor, the reality show popular for its gross-out roots, will be back on television soon, says a Reuters report. The show was pulled in 2006, during the airing of its sixth season, as it lost eyeballs to American Idol.

Fear Factor, the first reality show to be syndicated, was debuted in 2001 with Joe Rogan as host and gained immense attention within a very short span. The show had contestants compete for prize money of $50,000, by undergoing extremely unpleasant experiences like eating worms and spiders among numerous others. The show in its return has reworked the format to reduce the repulsive factor and shock value.

According to a Reality Blurred report, the show is casting for its new season, and are looking for “team of two like married couples, siblings, parent/child, best friends, coworkers, teammates, roommates, [and] ex's.” NBC's head of alternative programming Paul Telegdy confirmed the news to EW.com and expressed his hopes to make it bigger than its earlier version. “The stunt and camera technologies have evolved since then, we’re going to be able to make it even bigger,” Telegdy said. “We’re going to make it more visually arresting.” The network anticipates a “fond reunion” with its viewers with the broadcast of the new season.

The program based on the Dutch series Now or Neverland, airs Saturday nights on NBCUniversal horror and suspense cable network Chiller. There has been no clarification regarding who is going to be the host of the new series.