For those of us who aren’t sports fans, but want to get in on the March Madness extravaganza, thankfully there are plenty of ways to fill out an NCAA-style bracket that don’t require basketball knowledge.

The 2013 March Madness tournament officially began on Thursday, though the first rounds began on Tuesday with North Carolina A&T Liberty versus Louisville, and Middle Tennessee versus Saint Mary’s.

If these four team's names mean nothing to you, then it’s best to put your money on some of these brackets. For non-sports fans, the options for betting and filling out brackets are endless, with everything from curses, alcoholic drinks, memes and even comedic actor Will Ferrell.

Here are seven of the best parody brackets on the Web.

Meme Bracket (via – Could the infamous Grumpy Cat take it all?


80's vs. 90's Bracket (via Jezebel Nirvana or Madonna?


Will Ferrell Bracket (via MovieFone) – Could Ron Burgundy top Chaz Reinhold?


Beer Bracket  The Washington Post's annual booze madness


Lent Bracket (via – We have a new pope, but who's your favorite Saint?


Southern Foods Bracket (via The chicken or the egg?


Curse Bracket (via – Which cuss will be on top?