Despite sending an NCAA record four teams to this weekend's Sweet 16 games, Ohio residents aren't buying up a lot of tickets.

Cincinnati, Ohio, Ohio State, and Xavier all advanced to the Sweet 16 -- Ohio for the first time in its program's history -- but their fan bases aren't swarming the secondary ticket market as you might expect, according to a StubHub infographic.

The data provided by StubHub spokeswoman Joellen Ferrer shows that Ohioans are only buying a small sliver of available tickets in three different regions.

In Atlanta, where Xavier takes on Baylor, only 3 percent of the purchases have been made by Ohio residents. In St. Louis the heavy underdog Ohio battling North Carolina has only generated 4 percent of purchases from the state of Ohio.

But worst of all might be the situation in Boston. It certainly isn't an easy drive away from either Cincinnati or Columbus, but it's a bit surprising to see so few purchases from Ohio to see Cincinnati take on Ohio State. Ohio represents only 3 percent of the purchases --- Massachusetts leads the way with New York coming in second -- despite the fact that the two teams have only played each other in the regular season once in the last 49 years.

The two teams have engaged in a bit of public bickering -- Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin told Yahoo Sports last year that Ohio State is unwilling to schedule them -- which you would think would generate some additional interest in what will likely be a heated Sweet 16 game.

Instead it appears that the major basketball powers North Carolina, Kentucky, and Kansas continue to be the big ticket sales drivers. Ferrer tweeted out on Tuesday that the South and Midwest regions were generating the most sales in the leadup to the games this weekend.

This falls in line with the ticket purchasing habits exhibited for the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament when the state of Kentucky was a heavy force on the secondary ticket market.