NCAA Tournament 2013 TV Schedule: What Channel Are The First Round March Madness Games On?

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Gonzaga will be the first No.1 seed to play in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

The 2013 NCAA Tournament officially got underway on Tuesday with the first two first-round games of March Madness. Two more games will follow on Wednesday, and the field of 64 will begin on Thursday.

The first few days of the NCAA Tournament are some of the best in sports. Cinderellas are born, as several top seeds are bound to slip up and lose their first game.

Eight different cities will host 36 contests in the first two rounds of the tourney. On Thursday and Friday, games will be played over approximately a 12-hour span. The longest break between scheduled start times is a two-hour and 10-minute window in the early evening.

All of the games can be seen online for free, provided that viewers give their cable subscription information. Four different television channels will broadcast the games.

Below is the complete schedule for March Madness, including where to watch every contest.

First Round, Day 1: Tuesday, March 29

Time (ET)   Game                                                             TV     Region

6:40 p.m.   (16) North Carolina A&T 73 (16) Liberty 72    truTV Midwest

9:10 p.m.   (11) St. Mary’s  67 (11) Middle Tennessee 54 truTV   Midwest

First Round, Day 2: Wednesday, March 20

Time (ET)   Game                                                              TV       Region

6:40 p.m.   (16) LIU vs. (16) James Madison                      truTV   East

9:10 p.m.   (13) Las Salle vs. (13) Boise St.                         truTV   West

Second Round, Day 1: Thursday, March 21

Time (ET)   Game                                                              TV         Region

12:15 p.m.   (14) Valparaiso vs. (3) Michigan St.               CBS        Midwest          

12:40 p.m.    (11) Bucknell vs. (6) Butler                           truTV     East

1:40 p.m.      (9) Wichita St. vs. (8) Pittsburgh                  TBS        West

2:10 p.m.      (13) New Mexico St. vs. (4) St. Louis             TNT      Midwest         

2:45 p.m.      (11) St. Mary’s vs. (6) Memphis                    CBS       Midwest

3:10 p.m.      (14) Davidson vs. (3) Marquette                   truTV   East

4:10 p.m.      (16) Southern University vs. (1) Gonzaga     TBS       West  

4:40 p.m.      (12) Oregon vs. (5) Oklahoma St.                 TNT      Midwest

6:50 p.m.      (16) North Carolina A&T vs. (1) Louisville   TBS       Midwest

7:15 p.m.      (13) South Dakota St. vs. (4) Michigan        CBS       South

7:20 p.m.      (11) Belmont vs. (6) Arizona                       TNT      West

7:27 p.m.      (12) California vs. (5) UNLV                       truTV    East

9:20 p.m.      (9) Missouri vs. (8) Colorado St.                  TBS      Midwest

9:45 p.m.      (12) Akron vs. (5) VCU                                CBS     South

9:50 p.m.      (14) Harvard vs. (3) New Mexico                 TNT     West

9:57 p.m.      (13) Montana vs. (4) Syracuse                      truTV   East

Second Round, Day 2: Friday, March 22

Time (ET)   Game                                                             TV         Region

12:15 p.m.   (15) Albany vs. (2) Duke                              CBS        Midwest          

12:40 p.m.    (12) Ole Miss vs. (5) Wisconsin                    truTV     West

1:40 p.m.      (9) Temple vs. (8) NC St.                             TBS        East

2:10 p.m.      (15) Pacific. vs. (2) Miami                           TNT        East     

2:45 p.m.      (10) Cincinnati vs. (7) Creighton                  CBS        Midwest

3:10 p.m.      (13) La Salle/Boise St vs. (4) Kansas St.        truTV     West

4:10 p.m.      (16) LIU/James Madison vs. (1) Indiana       TBS        East  

4:40 p.m.      (10) Colorado vs. (7) Illinois                         TNT      East

6:50 p.m.      (15) FGCU vs. (2) Georgetown                      TBS       South

7:15 p.m.      (15) Iona St. vs. (2) Ohio St.                         CBS      West

7:20 p.m.      (9) Villanova vs. (8) North Carolina              TNT     South

7:27 p.m.      (14) Northwestern St. vs. (3) Florida             truTV   South

9:20 p.m.      (10) Oklahoma vs. (7) San Diego St.             TBS      South

9:45 p.m.      (10) Iowa St. vs. (7) Notre Dame                  CBS      West

9:50 p.m.      (16) Western Kentucky vs. (1) Kansas           TNT      South

9:57 p.m.      (11) Minnesota vs. (6) UCLA                        truTV     South


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