Ghost Games, the developer of the upcoming “Need for Speed” reboot, announced that the PC version of the racer would be delayed. Originally, the PC version of the game was supposed to be launched alongside the PS4 and Xbox One versions on Nov. 3, but it has now been moved to an unknown date in spring 2016.

The reason for the delay is the game’s graphics, according to a post from the developer. It seems like the company wants to deliver the best visuals possible for the PC version, so it will be interesting to see how the game looks compared with its console counterparts.

One other priority for the PC version seems to be the unlocked frame rate. GameSpot reported that the unlocked frame rate is a massive priority to PC users and the development team agreed with them, so it was decided that the game would be delayed on computers to give users that option.

Since the game will always be online, fans can expect numerous updates that will fix bugs and add some new gameplay features. The PC version will reportedly have all the updates that the console versions will be getting from November till spring. This is to ensure that the PC players are just as updated as the console ones, so no one gets left behind.

To make sure there aren’t too many online issues for the console versions, Ghost Games and EA plan on undertaking a closed beta in the coming weeks. This is way the developers can get feedback from fans and they can test the game’s server infrastructure for its launch.

Opinions on the game constantly being online are mixed, as it reportedly could be easy for the game to crash due to a server or Internet issue. However, it’s a move that the developers are sticking with since they want fans to feel the gameplay blend with the live-action moments of the game.

Fans will find out how the game plays on Nov. 3 for the PS4 and Xbox One. Players interested in the game’s constant online presence and gameplay can preorder the title right now.

Need for Speed Gameplay Innovations Five Ways To Play (Credit: YouTube/Need for Speed)