Funny man, actor and TV host, Neil Patrick Harris, has a new show titled “Best Time Ever,” wherein one of the crazy things they do is to trick celebrities. One of Harris’ elaborate prank attempts was with “The Voice” judges, which the actor shared was a “terrifying” experience for him.

The “How I Met Your Mother” star told Entertainment Tonight how the prank had him act as a host of the fake “The Voice Austria,” who went to the U.S. to interview “The Voice” judges Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. The elaborate trick involved him asking the two judges strange and random questions. 

Harris explained, "I was Jurgen Vulmer, who was the host of The Voice Austria, which doesn't exist. I had almost three hours of prosthetic makeup on. I looked nothing like myself, and had a different accent."

The actor and host mentioned that while the show was a “party,” having to trick Shelton and Levine was scary. Harris said, "It was incredibly terrifying. They thought I was insane."

In describing his new show, Harris shared that “Best Time Ever” has the potential to change the TV landscape. "What's fun about our show is if you commit to watching a show, you're a part of the group," he said. "If you're in the theater, you might be in the show. If you're watching at home, you may be on the show."

Harris also promised that viewers will have a best time watching the show. The actor told People magazine that, as the show’s host, he wanted to “provide a good time” as well as become a “bit of a taste maker – a bit of a carnival barker." Harris even revealed that “Best Time Ever” will feature a “ton of random segments of weirdness and fun." Apart from that, the show will introduce an “A-list celebrity guest announcer every week and they're there to throw to commercials," said the star.

Harris’ “Best Time Ever” premiered on NBC Tuesday.

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