A bomb has exploded in Katmandu, Nepal, killing three people.

According to reports by the Associated Press, the little known United Ethnic Liberation group claimed responsibility for the bomb, which was detonated outside the country's monopolistic oil importer.

Monday's blast was the first such attack in the capital since 2009.

Nepal's Home Minister Bijaya Gachchedar said the bomb was a remotely detonated device and that the UEL had claimed responsibility for the attack.

The blast damaged motorcycles and the front gate of the Nepal Oil Corp.,  the Times of India reported.

The paper added that two people died at the scene and one succumbed to injuries at the hospital.

Speaking shortly after the attack, Gachchedar said security had been tightened in the capital.

NOC, which has a monopoly on importing and distributing oil in the country, has recently raised prices on gasoline and cooking oil.

Dissident minority groups in the country are also angry at a proposed constitution which they say does not give them enough autonomy from the central government.

Last year, police accused groups in southern Nepal of carrying out attacks in their campaign for self-governance.