Today, Netflix Inc., announced its integration with Facebook Connect as part of its plan to make Netflix features more broadly accessible to members and their friends.

Facebook connect is one of the faster growing social network applications. It’s a type of data portability technology that enables users of the social networking site Facebook to connect their Facebook account with any partner Web site using a trusted authentication method, was debuted last year and expected to transform the social network.

By integrating with Facebook Connect, Netflix members can now share their movie-watching experiences even more easily than before, allowing for greater exchange of movie recommendations with their friends, said Gibson Biddle, vice president of product management for Netflix.

Facebook Connect will extend members' movie ratings from the Netflix community to Facebook. Netflix members can decide if they wish to use the feature or not. If the Netflix member enabled the Facebook Connect, each time that Netflix member rates a movie, that one- to five-star rating will be posted on his or her Facebook profile and shared with the member's friends.

The new initiatives enable users to gain insight and hear peer reviews of movies before renting them on their own.

We think the social features in Facebook Connect provide a tremendous opportunity for Netflix subscribers to share their thoughts and feelings on movies with their friends in the Netflix community and with Facebook's more than 175 million active users, said Ethan Beard, director of platform marketing, Facebook.