Memorial Day weekend might mean parades and barbeques for some, but plenty of people will be lounging on the couch for three days. That doesn’t mean they can’t still be patriotic. Add these movies to your Netflix queue to remember the men and women who serve the U.S.

“We Were Soldiers” — This 2002 Mel Gibson film follows a group of elite soldiers who fought in the first phase of the Vietnam war. It is rated R.

“Seal Team Six: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden” — Watch the men who took down Osama Bin Laden in this 2012 action movie. This dramatization of the true story stars “Twilight” actor Cam Gigandet and “Hell on Wheels” star Anson Mount. Netflix has no rating for it, but the film is described as violent. Watch a trailer for “Seal Team Six” below:

“Unsung Heroes: The Story of America’s Female Patriots” — If you’re in the mood for documentaries, check out this film on the women who serve the country. This 2014 movie profiles some of the top-ranking women in the military and is not rated.

“Of Men and War” — This 2015 documentary follows several veterans with PTSD over a five year period. It won a special jury award at the San Francisco International Film Festival and is not rated.

“Twelve O’Clock High” — If you’re looking for a classic, check out this unrated 1949 drama. Gregory Peck stars as a brigadier general who must take a jaded group of pilots and make them World War II heroes. Watch the trailer below:

If war movies aren’t your thing, Netflix obviously has tons of choices. You can make sure you watch the movies listed HERE before they disappear from Netflix at the end of May.

Do you have more suggestions for patriotic Memorial Day weekend movies? Leave them in the comments section below!