The official final results from Nevada Republican caucus are out now and Mitt Romney has won by 50 percent. Romney received 16,486 votes, followed by Newt Gingrich with 21.1 percent (6,956) votes. Ron Paul is close behind Gingrich with 18.7 percentage (6175) votes, while Santorum has finished fourth with just 9.9 percent (3,227) votes.

The caucus was held on Saturday and results from all counties, except the Clark County, were announced earlier. Clark County results were delayed by almost two days due to a recount.  

According to a CNN projection the 28 delegates from the caucus will be divided in the following order.

Romney gets 12 delegates, Gingrich and Paul get four each, while Santorum will get two. Six delegates remain unprojected.

Esmeralda County and Nye County were won by Paul and Mineral County by Gingrich while rest of the Counties went to Romney.

For county-wise detailed results click here.

The Caucus results are similar to the latest poll predictions before elections in Nevada. Romney was predicted to get 50 percent, Gingrich 25 percent, Paul 15 percent and Santorum 8 percent. Romney retained the same percentage while Paul, as expected, improved his vote share by 3.7 percentage, Santorum by 1.9 percentage while Gingrich posted a deficit of 3.9 percentage from his projected vote percentage.